With 35 years of collective experience in the Hospitality and the Corporate world, employed with the largest multinational Food and franchise company’s in the world have come together to form this commercial entity in this ever growing market in UAE.

With an extensive exposure to the Industry, understanding of the Market Dynamics and the will to succeed, we continually strive hard to make the lives of our customers in the Hospitality, Aviation and healthcare channel easier by introducing value added innovative products and brands into this fragmented market is the main motive that we launched IGT LLC.

IGT launched its 1st phase of food products and hygiene solutions utilizing Innovative thinking & Global sourcing. Our customer base is growing alongside penetration of our creative products and solutions.

We are representing international Brands in Middle East by providing them realistic market sizing, effective route to market analysis, meaningful distributor assessment & facilitate alliances, Brand growth tactics & strategies.

We have also been quiet successful in providing strategic consulting services for retail hospitality to entrepreneurs and establishments of small and medium size.


We aspire to enhance the convenience of providing trendy and innovative solutions. A pioneer in the foodservice industry at the forefront.

Core Values

I – INNOVATION Relentlessly exploring for products which is of trendy and solution oriented to provide and bridge the GAP in the foodservice industry

G – GRATITUDE We will remain loyal and grateful to our business partners and team members without any prejudice by leading the path of Honesty

T – TRUSTWORTHY Our core concept of the Business is built on three main pillars: INNOVATION, GRATITUDE & TRUST. (IGT).

Creating long term sustainable Partnership with key stakeholders in the Industry and support each other, is our most important goal in conducting businesses across the globe.


Our mission is to serve our customers and suppliers by being the most trustworthy business partner. We continue to challenge ourselves to find novel techniques to bring in value to our customers as the most perceived allies and preferred partner in the foodservice industry.

We aspire to source and provide

Innovative products and solutions for HORECA, AVIATION & HEALTHCARE industry.

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